Succé | About Succé
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About Succé

Always on the move delivering
world class events no matter where


Succé Event AB was founded by Mats Larsson as a result of many years in the travel industry, hotel, bar and restaurant management and show productions. Mats did his first big event in 1985 together with Swedish Esso with 800 guests on Gran Canaria, Spain and since then he could not stop.


Today Succé Event AB works together with different partners to cover customer needs instead of having our own big in house organization.


This makes our company very cost effective at the same time as we always will get the best and most specialist staff for your specific event.

How we work


With a network of the best possible professionals in each and every field in our business we can provide you with the best services no matter where.

All freelancers means no overhead costs to be covered…

Our Vision


To deliver worldclass events no matter size, no matter type, no matter where