Succé | Our Services
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Our Services

Always on the move delivering
world class events no matter where


More than 35 years in the event business and after creating amazing event in most of the countries in Europe, in USA, in Asia and more – we know how to do it.


Organizing a bigger Convention or Congress is at the end all about details, experience and the driver of exceeding expectations. We´ve been in the business since 1985 and we still love what we do - we love to create your Success.


Loving to create your success needs commitment. Once committed it is all about control in every detail. We use to say that when your event starts – we already did the event in our minds and in our heart. Then it is just a fantastic journey to deliver in the smoothest way possible.

Event & Education

We also educate you, your staff or your partners in event productions. You probably decided to do your event yourself in your organization to promote internally and just need some advice and here we are.

Environmental Policy

We try to focus on all environmental issues facing any event using our control system to avoid un necessary use of resources.